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About Me

I received my high school degree from the International School, Manila, Philippines. I completed my BS in psychology and my Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa. I completed the Sexual Health Certificate Program at the University of Michigan, Sex Therapy Track. 

I worked for 30 some years in the mental health/psychology field as a research assistant, crisis volunteer, domestic violence prevention advocate and for many years as a psychotherapist for a mental health center. I am an adjunct instructor at the University of Iowa where I teach mind-body medicine to incoming freshman.

I am also trained in restorative justice and volunteer as a mediator with youth in the greater Johnson County area.

I have extensive background in a wide range of professions and experiences which draw from various disciplines, training and life experiences from welder, to dressage rider and childcare provider. I grew up in the Philippines during my formative years and have lived in Germany with my family. I enjoy working with clients from other cultures and those who are new and adjusting to living in this area.

My partner and I live in rural Johnson county where we garden, meditate and ride herd on various four-legged family members. Between the two of us, we have five grown children and three grandchildren, all doing spectacularly well.

I have been a student and practitioner of Buddhism and other contemplative practices for many years. Meditation and other mindfulness practices are a part of my daily routine.