Payment & Policies

Co-payment for services is due at the time of each visit.

Once you give your insurance information and assigned benefits to Susan Totten LISW, LLC, our office will submit claims to your insurance., who will reimburse our office directly for the portion of your fees covered by your policy. You are responsible for paying any fees your insurance does not cover. If your insurance has not paid your account in full within 45 days after submission of the claim, you will be charged for the amount unpaid. I accept cash, check or credit cards.

Missed Appointments and Scheduling Issues

48 Hour Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please call as soon as possible. You may be charged full fee for a missed appointment. Insurance does not cover my time for a missed appointment.

Court Testimony

I do not provide therapy records or testimony to the court as part of litigation without a court order.

Questions to Ask Your insurance Carrier Before You Get Started:

  • Am I in-network? If not, what are out-of network benefits?

  • Do you need pre-authorization for mental health services?

  • What is your deductible before benefits will be paid?

  • What is your co-pay amount?

  • How many sessions are you allowed per year and when does your year begin?